Partners in Education

Ontario Manufacturing Learning Consortium (OMLC)


The OMLC is a non-profit service entity supporting manufacturing firms and their industry associations. The OMLC acts as a single source of expertise and programming for selection, training and development and certification of employees. It is also a resource for information about careers in manufacturing.

We Provide Specialty Training to the OMLC

Institute of Machine Tool Technology (iMTT) is a Training Provider for OMLC ( iMTT develops programs and course content based on the Technical Learning outcomes (TLOs) required by industries. We’re proud that industry experts create our course content. iMTT also provides the in-class portion of training for our partner companies’ new hires and existing employees. Below is a list of programs iMTT provides training for:

  • CNC Machinist Level 1
  • CNC Setup Level 1
  • CNC Operator Level 1
  • CNC Programmer Level 1

iMTT has been working as a Training Provider for OMLC since 2014.

Training Held to the Highest Standards

The Private Career College Act ensures that we provide a quality level of education to students by offering:

  • Flexible learning schedules
  • Enrollment at many different times during the year
  • Compressed programs that deliver training over a short time.

Registered as a Private Career College under the Private Career College Act 2005